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“AEC is professional, responsive and

detail oriented. They understood our desired aesthetic and delivered a flawless event.  Their vendor relationships are also top notch!”


“I want to thank you for your efforts and a job well done in executing our groundbreaking event. In a short amount of time you were able come on board to deliver what we asked within our budget, and I think the results were outstanding.”

“You have been a wonderful partner! Your response time, hospitality service mentality to all attendees, and attention to detail was some of the most impressive on-site meeting execution that I've ever experienced.


All of you seemed to have clones, showed tremendous poise and were on top of things before they could become an issue. This is so important for the attendee experience and it's absolutely why everyone left Philadelphia feeling inspired and part of something special!"

Joe Ritchie,

Brandywine Realty Trust

Christina Morin,

Private Equity Investment Firm

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