Our Team

Kathryn Epps Roberson

Founder + President

Kathryn is the Founder + President of AEC Partners, a Philadelphia-based consulting firm specializing in project management, experiential marketing, event and venue management. AEC helps clients achieve their strategic goals through the power of live experiences and Kathrynleads a dynamic team that works with businesses large + small, large nonprofits, municipalities, event venues and political campaigns to develop + implement solutions involving live experiences that influence the behavior of their clients/constituents. 

Kristen Lopez

Account Coordinator

Morgan Pivovarnik

Marketing Coordinator

Account Coordinator

Kristyn Aldrich

Senior Vice President

Karima Rose

Client Relations Manager, Government

Lauren Seery

Client Relations Manager, Corporate 

Harold T. Epps

Senior Advisor

Michael A. Nutter

 Senior Advisor

George R. Hamilton

 Senior Advisor

AEC Partners

836 South St

Philadelphia, PA 19147

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